Volunteers working in Greenhouse

Hello All,

I hope you have had a wondrous summer!  For the greenhouse it has been hot. We have been planting and organizing as we could through out the summer months and I am excited to be starting another season of 'Greenhouse Gardeners'.

Our first order of plugs for transplanting and growing into winter annuals will arrive some time next week. (Scheduled to ship on the 26th) Not sure what day they will arrive, so it makes it hard to set a date of when I will need help.  If any one is willing for an impromptu session then I will send out an email for the days following their arrival.

As far as starting our routine Wednesdays we can begin after the meeting on the 9th for Sept. 11th. We could also see if we would like to keep the day as Wednesday or pick a different day as well. It is up to the group.

It seems like October is a good time for the Plant Sale; maybe even around Halloween or just before. I would like for it to take place at our Maintenance Yard this time and would like suggestions on a good date. Weekend or Weekday etc.

I will be in touch!

Leila Gable

Greenhouse Project